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We approach health & wellness in a way that is counterculture to the current medical system. We believe the standard medical practice is broken and that ancient wisdom and modern science can - and must- coexist. We develop deep, connected relationships with patients and guide them on a journey to optimal health and wellbeing.

Thrive wanted to disrupt the market and elevate it at the same damn time!

We built a sexy LIFESTYLE brand and tucked a wellness brand inside of it. Thrive is by far not your typical wellness/biohacking facility... The tone was set in the beginning and they've only elevated it from there!  So much fun creating and landing this plane in a field DYING for something new!

A word from the client

I’m thrilled to share a testimonial for the unstoppable force of creativity that is John Gillette! As not only his client but also his collaborative partner on many projects, I can confidently say that John is a whirlwind of superlative talent and unparalleled vibrant energy. He's not just a brand creator and artist; he's a creative maestro!


When John dives into a project, he brings a surge of dynamic energy that electrifies the entire creative process. It's like stepping into a sonic boom where ideas explode and laughter echoes. His infectious enthusiasm is contagious, igniting a fire of inspiration that fuels every collaboration. 


What sets John apart is his ability to infuse every project with his own special blend of humor and fun. He understands that creativity thrives when it's accompanied by a playful spirit, and he effortlessly transforms our work into an adventure.


But don't let the fun fool you—John's attention to detail is second to none. With meticulous precision, he crafts each pixel and polishes every line, ensuring that his creations are nothing short of perfection. His commitment to excellence shines through in the remarkable quality of his work, leaving his clients in awe.


Beyond his extraordinary talent, John is an outstanding human. Working with him is not only a professional joy but a personal delight. 


If you're searching for an artistic powerhouse who will infuse your brand with life, presence and unbridled creativity, look no further than John Gillette and The Standard.


~Julie White

Owner, Julie White Interiors

Co-founder, Field

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