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Imprint Group

The AXS Group was a Corporate Event/DMC company based in Denver, Colorado. They were growing quickly, and also planning on multiple location developments across the US. It made sense in a lot of different ways to rebrand to create a shift as they prepare for the new and improved version of themselves.

The Standard's very own, John, was working there internally at the time as their Brand Manager. We needed to determine where the equity was within this company and their clientele and we realized quickly that the name "The AXS Group" didn't have as much value as the actual people representing it. The equity was in the people, not the company.

The strategy was simple... create a new image, identity, and name that showcases exactly what they do in the corporate event space. Quite simply, they handle everything from top to bottom on your event and create an identity for your event. There it is... the word we were looking for -- IDENTITY! Imprint Group was born and the tagline reads..."Events With Identity".

The Logo

A fingerprint represents leaving a piece of who you are. It was a fine play on the concept of identity and seemed to fit well. Next, we needed to make it meet the new brand "voice" which was corporate, but not too corporate. The font "Grota Sans" was selected for its professional, yet "I don't take myself too seriously" approach. Lastly, the coloring had to be right. Imprint was rolling out two new locations across the US, giving them a total of three. We wanted to create a brand that was consistent across all locations while also creating specific identity to that location. Each location would then have a color differential. We decided to make the parent thumbprint rainbow colored from a color psychology standpoint, but also including each location.

The Roll Out

Nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING is more important than executing a perfect reveal or "roll out" of your new brand. You have one chance to introduce yourself for the first time... take your time and get it right!

In the case of Imprint Group, we decided to run 4 different video campaigns at once. The spotlight of it all was showcasing our people, our services, our experience, and our level of standard (see what we did there). We had a total of 96 videos prepared for the roll out which allowed us to push the new brand 4 times a week for 6 months straight! Content is king and surely worked incredibly in this rebrand!

To date, Imprint Group has almost tripled in size and revenue and we couldn't be more happy for them and their accomplishments. We were excited to be a part of the growth and look forward to working with them more and more as they continue to grow!

"In 2017, John was responsible for creating the new Imprint brand identity and assisting in the rebrand roll out. Because of his thoughtful approach and overall care, we didn't skip a beat and the new brand propelled us and our work beyond expectations. To this day, we ae commended on the process, execution and overall "voice" of the company because of he and the team foundation he set." - Nicole Marsh, Partner, Imprint Group

You can see way more of who they are HERE.

Below is the initial roll out video. This was the first thing Imprint Group put out to start the entire thing. This rebrand was a vast success and it starts with the click of a button below.

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