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FifteenThreeSixty is an experiential marketing agency that uses audio, visual, and live entertainment to promote people, products, and companies. The Standard was brought in from the very beginning to help create, direct, and develop the brand and the overall experience.

We wanted to capture the true essence of the 20+ years of experience in a way that also engaged the consumer differently. With a recent background in professional sports entertainment (NBA, MLL), we needed to create something with a broader scope that wouldn't limit their potential clientele. The design approach became a merge of print media, sports, and a twist of fashion. This allows them to be "more than entertainers" as that is only a fraction of what they truly can deliver for any client.

What 15360 does just as well as anybody is garner attention in live spaces. They know how to pull your focus. So naturally, the initial campaign coming out of the box is "Made You Look"!

The culmination of all the hard work can be experienced at their website HERE


Check out our gallery of videos below to experience some of what was put into FifteenThreeSixty.

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